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Going back to work with your dog

Going back to work with your dog

Going back to work with your dog

As companies are starting to return to work gradually, dog parents are finding ways to prepare their dogs to stay at home while they are gone to work all day. There are many articles out there to discuss separation anxiety and how to slowly transition this for your dog. 

Today we want to discuss about what if you can bring your dog to work and your work policies / government policies allow? 

I have been taking my dog to work everyday for 2 years now. Our weekday started with leaving home, get on to the tube and get to the office. We have a long potty break during lunchtime and severals during the day. Then we head home. 

Certainly the dogs are very happy to be at work because that's where you are! Especially for puppies, meeting new people, being in a different space is a lot of stimulations for them. Because of this, they are completely exhausted after a whole day of work even through they might be just sitting under your desk most of the time. 

At my work, people are happier when they see the cute dogs in the office. They help us to reduce stress, in turn higher productivity rate. 

We want to share with you a few tips taking dogs to the office from our personal experience. We also put together a back to work collection, for both puppies and dogs.

Routine is very important!
- Routine is very important for dogs. Put a reminder on your calendar for potty break and some decent walks. Schedule according to your dog's activities level. 

- Feed on schedule will help you to anticipate potty schedule. 

- If your colleagues also bring dogs to work, form a doggy group for a good lunch break walk. 

- Form a dog community, introduce your dog to a few key people whom your dog can trust. So they can help look after your dog while you are in meetings / on calls.

- Research for doggy daycare / dog walkers nearby your work for when you have a busy work day / if your dogs need a lot of walkies!

Respect your colleagues, your dogs and other's dogs
- Be aware of people who has dog allergies and is afraid of dog. Make sure you keep your dog away and your dog is on lead in these cases so we can create harmony at work.

- Make sure you have your dog's favourite bed / crate at work. This is your dog's safe space and they still need plenty of time to relax and rest during your work day!

- Carefully introduce dogs that need to share a small office space, especially if your dog is territorial and reactive. You might need to find alternative work space so the dogs can have a good safe distance away from each others. 

Lastly Treats Treats Treats! I can tell you the amount of time treats has saved my life at work when my dogs are bored. 

These are just my personal advice from my day to day experience. Obviously, there are plenty of other things you could do / you should do while bring your dog to work. Here are some other articles we recommend to read. 

Blue Cross Advice to bring your dog to work

Join Bring your Dog to work day

My dog has became the team dog, bringing everyone together ever since he comes to the office. We become a big loving family at work because of him. He is the conversation starter and the glue of the team! I am more of an introvert when it comes to making new friends.

For me, the last 2 years, I made a lot more friends naturally and get to know people I did not know before. All in all, bringing your dog to work can be the most wonderful thing in your life, if your dog and your colleagues enjoy the experience too!

Please share with us your experience to support other dog parents! 


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