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Springer Water Bottle
From $42.80 AUD

Springer water bottle

Squeeze, water up. Release, water down.

Wild One Tennis Tumble

$52.53 AUD

The ultimate interactive toy for pup development and solo play! Featuring a barrel shape—made of strong natural rubber, that’s perfect for rolling and paw-pushing—and a trapped Tennis Ball, that’s fun for pups to retrieve. All Tennis Tumbles include an extra 4-Pack of Tennis Balls for more fun, and the Lilac & Moonstone Tennis Tumbles come with limited-edition, matching Tennis Balls!

Note: Our toys are designed to be loved by all dogs, big and small. How long they last will depend on your dog's size, chew strength and play style.

Tennis Tumble: Natural Rubber
Tennis Balls: Natural rubber core, pet-safe poly felt exterior

Product Dimensions & Specs
Length: 3.86"
Width A: 2.56"
Width B: 2.48"

Ball Diameter = 2.36", about the same size as a regulation-sized tennis ball.

Recommended for medium and large dogs.