Puppy/ Dog/Cat Carrier with Soft Faux Fur and Inner Fleece

£89.00 GBP

The Warm Fleece carrier bag for dog/ cats designed to be semi closed or open by a secured zipper depending on your pet's need. Suitable for max. 4kg pets / small puppies so you can take them to go shopping with you, put the bag up and he or she can see you.

The carry bag has comfortable soft walls and keeps its shape well. Also we made in the bag with a full set of handles: so it is easy to hold in the hands or on shoulders! 

- Washable polyester fabric;
- Padding: faux fur;
- Shoulder length carrier straps;
- Made with care of the pet!

Dimension: approx. 50cm x 22cm x 26cm
Pet size: Max. 4kg