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Pet Dog Cat Paw Shape Interactive Toy IQ Training Puzzle Plate Treat Dispenser

£30.00 GBP

Ever thought of getting an interactive puzzle for your pet? Here’s one that you might like. This wooden plate has twelve food boxes in which you can put all your dog or cat delicacies. Your pet can actually have fun trying to uncover the boxes and finding a tasty treat waiting for it. This will charm your pets and make dinner all that special! Makes a great gift for pet-owners or animal lovers.

These puzzles provide mental stimulation and rewards your dog for being able to complete the task.


2 in 1 design of the item ,you can use it to train your dog and also have good fun for them .

Wooden treated toy for the dog training and playing.Good training tool for dog's brain development


Made of a solid wooden, Non-toxic, easy to clean.

Stimulates a dog's brain and provides them hours of fun.

This item effectively controls the speed of eating.

Smooth surface, you don't have to worry about the wood stab will hurt your dog .